The waiting game begins!

Hi all my names Kelly and I am 23, haven’t posted for a while so thought id give an update. I saw the neurologist on Tuesday for my results – the VEP was clear, however my MRI and CSF from the lumbar puncture were abnormal. He told me this means I am more than likely to have another attack and that now we play the waiting game. He told me that It’s MS and everything else has been ruled out, but he will not diagnose it until I have another episode, as he is unable to tell what type of MS it is. (I had a feeling he was going to say this, from other stories I have read on here). So yeah, the waiting game begins! I just wondered, is it common for someone to have one big attack, then no attacks ever again? Would be grateful to hear from you all how often you have attacks/episodes, and how long after your first attack did you have the second? Xx

Hi Kelly, welcome back and I am so sorry to hear how young you are to have your life interrupted by MS.

I still don`t have a firm dx, but if it is MS, it is of the PP type.

So I can`t answer your question, but i am sure someone will!

There are lots of folk here with RRMS and they have some drugs which slow down progression and amount of attacks.

Look after yourself, yeh?

luv Pollx

Welcome aboard again… I really dont know enough to answer your question but I think the answer generally would be the only certainty is uncertainty.

In my case I had ON jan2010 which I have since found out was classed as clinically isolated syndrome. Then throughout 2011 I had on and off issues with loss of balance and falls.I did a great drunkard impression at any time of day.I realise now that my brain farts and lack of memory was becoming much worse during that time and then ON again Oct 2011.

It was obviously the start of a bad relapse and I am now left with residual problems for the first time. I was officially dx Feb 2012.

Prob no help to you at all but heyho


Hi all, thank you so much for your replies and sharing your stories with me. They are all so different but are very helpful. Also thankyou for the kind advice. Have got some vitamin D now :slight_smile: Pip, I also seem to go off balance sometimes and surprised I haven’t fallen over yet!! Hopefully I will come under that 80%. If I have another attack then will just deal with it when it comes to it. Since my attack last year I do feel as though I don’t have as much energy. I get tired out so easily! But from what I’ve read this is normal. Anyway thankyou all for your kind support xxxx