The Simpsons describe The Symptoms!

I think you newbies and limbo-landers will find this useful… and funny! And perhaps esp good to show family members to help describe what it’s like:

Pat x

Not sure it’s wholly accurate (try telling my legs that it’s hands that usually buzz! :-)), but it’s bound to be more understandable and less threatening than a full booklet - and therefore very useful.

Nice find, Pat :slight_smile:

Karen x

It would be very helpful teaching people who appear to think we’re pathetic. Because we have no apparent injury or deformity many forget or don’t realise how challenging many every day tasks become. Many would be more inclined to read something the Simpson’s appear in than a pamphlet as you mentioned. Well done to whoever put it together.

I think this is brillant! I’ve just forwarded the link to my boss so he can better understand exactly what I go through on a daily basis!

This has made me smile when otherwise feeling very low. Thank for sharing

Thanks for the link. I have some people I need to share this with…:wink: