The Silver Lining

Hey there, I am living with RRMS for 13 years now. I have two little girls ( 4 & 6 ) so I am a full time dad and I love it ! No energy is my biggest problem, but for the rest I am doing ok. In a few months I am starting a project in a big meadow behind my garden for people in our situation. It will be called ‘land of the silver lining’ and it wil be a place where people like us come together and turn this big meadow in whatever we want it to be ! Really looking forward to the first of July, when the meadow will finally be in our hands.


Hi Everyone,

I was dx 1994 now has progressed to SPMS ,i take no meds,very little pain , fatigue and balance and involtary spasms occasionally are my issues .I Care for myself and live alone and if I Need assistance I Call on my neighbour to assit me in completing a task.for me looking after yourself works mainly I am 56 year old male



That meadow venture sounds fantastic and I love the name!

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Wow, that’s very brave. I thought about no meds cause they have some bad effects to but having two kids make me take al the help I can get. I often doubt if this is the best way, but I’ll never really know I guess. I’ve been pretty stable for some years now, so I’m gonna stick with it for now.

Thanx ! I hope I will get people to come and make a beautiful place here. Fingers crossed. You will be able to follow what happens on my vlog if you’re curious.