the longest week of my life

Hi Everyone

Yes, the longest week of my life and its only Wednesday ;o(

Im new on here after getting the news on Tuesday 16th that I have ms. Today is the worst day, I had to let my son and daughter know. Im now dreading talking to my mother tomorrow. Im in my late 50s which, from what Ive been told is late in life to get ms. I have been ‘numb’ down my left side for quite a while, but, thankfully with no pain or other problems and in a strage way I was getting used to it been the norm. I have been given prednisolone mylan tablets, on full dose for 3 days then lower dose after. The side effects have been terrible. The room is spinning, now back pains and numb left hand and a terrible headache… I even managed to loose my footing yesterday afternoon and the log fire broke my fall. Now I have a burnt hand and bruised ribs. Oh dear, whats next…

Sorry about this, I am feeling very sorry for myself. Im normally a happy go lucky person, I just dont know how to start getting my head around all this when everything seems to be totally out of my control

Thank you for reading my message and I would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a safe 2014 xxx