The Five Worst Things I Have Done Since Being Diagnosed with MS

Please read this article by Marie Cooper from the MS Blog.

Really useful insights that most of us could relate to in hindsight and that newly diagnosed people should bear in mind.

I wish I had :frowning:



My goodness Belinda, I didn’t realise I was in denial until I read the blog, I thought I was being upfront about it., it really made me think and it even shocked me a little. Luckily I haven’t left it too late and I am going to do some changes starting right now!

Thanks for posting


Wow that sounds like me! Stressful job, long hours, no dla, no savings ( can’t afford to!) don’t look after myself at all. I eat on the run, or just quick snacks. Cooking for others all day puts me off cooking anything else, My job is physical enough so that tires me out so excersise is put off for another day…one that never comes. Denial? Me? Yep…sounds right! Perhaps I need to take a long hard look at myself.


Hello Belinda,

I read this and found this very interesting and made me realise I am not thinking about what the future could be and should except help and most importantly to do exercise while I still can.

Thank you

Martina x


i havent done no1 but can say i have done 2,3,4 and 5

being mum to 4 kids i quickly learned that if i didnt tell them the truth their imaginations would run riot and they think death.

some of u know me-i am aware that i think differently from most,but that doesnt make me wrong!!! its right for me-everyone has to find their own ‘right’ way

ellie x

Oooh that was me too! But once I made the decision to give up work I’ve got better and better! Perhaps itr’s less of a coincidence than I thought!

Flippin hell!! Been “mourning” loss of job, feeling useless etc for ever, since diagnosis anyway, what a thought provoker!! Time to get out of “denial” me thinks!!! Tracey xx

Glad you guys found it intersting. I found it a bit of a thought provoker too. And a bit of an “Ouch” as well.

B x

Hi Belinda, yes, ta for posting such interesting and useful info.

Something I regret, but did because I thought I was doing the right thing, was to buy my own wheelchairs (6 of `em in total).

I spent a lot of money and injured myself into the bargain.

I would always advise getting professional advice now and not rely totally on what a salesperson says!

luv Pollx

Hello MS43,

A salesperson will talk you into buying something that suits them but not you, I learnt the hard way. Spent £2,000 on a wheelchair for a holiday 5 years ago and never used it since. Could have hired one for 10% the price, b*****d never suggestd that. Wheelchair now gathers dust.

I always talk to other people who have got what I’m thinking of buying and talk to a professional as well.