The bar is open,Plus you could win a bottle of wine.

Hi Folks.

The bar is open place your orders.

Looking for a new name for the bar,so give me your ideas,winner gets a free bottle of wine.

Remember to drink responsabily.

Take Care.


bar none

ps when is happy hour ?

'StresseMeSs'.........not bad for a foreigner or...? happy2

(glass of Australian/ New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc please...)

Sorry happy hour from 9-10 then the karaoke starts.

What can i put you down for.


Hi Chris - can I have a tia maria and lucozade please. 

Plus sign me up for karaoke -' I can't stand up from falling down' - Elvis Costello classic.  thumbsup

Sorry can't think of a name for the bar - maybe 'the bar with no name'


Hi Chris

I would also like a NZ sauvignon blanc, large!  What about Bar Virtual?  Regardless of name it's a good place to come for a free drink and i'll sing Hotel California in the karaoke.

Paula xx

G & T please Chris but I'll spare you my singing !!

Hi All.

Helen, loved your song

Paula and Jos large bottle opened.

Val, put you down for last song by then nobody will care.



Hi All,

How about Last Chance Saloon.

Do i win my own bottle.



Don’t want to win the bottle, just to suggest a fabulous glass of sonething white and raise a glass to those who need it!

Hang on, could that be a good name … those who need it, those who knead it … too tacky …maybe … !

I will have a wobbly cocktail which  consists of any spirit or wine of your choice (treble) with shot of juice of your choice.

Price 50P plus happy hour 2 for 1 between 10pm and 3am cos thats when I am awake and want to chop off my feet and a wobbly would really help  me.

Line up 3 or maybe 4 wobblies for me should see through the night.



I'll have a glass of Yellow Tail Claret please,shame I've missed Happy Hour.I like Last Chance Saloon,I've been drinking there for years,xxjo

G+T please with ice and lemon.

Good to see the old bar opened up again. And a few old faces turning up along with lots of lovely new regulars....

Cheers to you all and good health.

Last chance saloon sounds great....xx  Maria. 

Hi, happy hour is whenever you want it to be…look out for me, I`m always there…well nearly always!

luv Pollx

Hi Chris, can I have a big mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows, please?

Now about the name for this new bar.

Seeing as you have set me up as Agony Aunt, why not call it `Polly`s Palace`......I`ll be in a booth at the back and you can be on the door, pointing those in need of a listening ear, in my direction and that way you can take your 10%, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi Pollx.


The bar will get christened next sat night.

Come one come all.

Remember you can book the bar for private functions,any thing considered.

Take Care.



That sounds good, I'll have a ginger wine please as I missed out this Christmas, by the way where is jennie?




That sounds good, I’ll have a ginger wine please as I missed out this Christmas, by the way where is jennie?



Hi Wendy.

Think Jennie is like Elvis in that they have left the building.

Pity as she had some good input,on the forum.

Or mabe the grass is greener after all.

Take Care.


Hi hello

Hope undiagnosed newbies can come to the bar.nervous

If so, a large Black Russian would go down very nicely please happy

I look forward to the christening of the new bar next saturday tounge


hi all please can i have one of everything!!!

that should at least get rid of this stupid cold,

oh!! and what ever everyone else wants.t/c people!!!

love kathy

p.s. nice to have bar back and sorrt if i'm a bit late!!!!!