Hi all,

d/x with RRMS ten years ago. Still working full time with minor adjustments, (40 hours per week but more reg hours).

i recently changed my meds from rebif (3 injections weekly) to tecfidera. Gosh, for me personally it’s the best thing I have done. I read about the side effects and was a little concerned. However after my second week, the worst I have had so far is a touch of flushing and minor stomach upset.

I recall the dread of injecting my rebif and feel a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Of course it’s still early days on tecfidera for me but so far so good.

I hope this helps with others considering tecfidera.

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Hi dimension

Thanks for this; my consultant has suggested I move from Rebif to Tecfidera, but honestly I couldn’t see the point. That was his only solution to the depression problem I brought up at last appt… “so you think the Rebif isn’t helping your depression, see if this one suits you better”. But honestly, I don’t see the point of changing - I’ve got used to Rebif now, still don’t like doing the injections that much, but I’m coping with it. Tecfidera isn’t going to help any more than Rebif is, as far as I can see - so I’m still undecided. Hope Tecfidera keeps on being good for you… let everybody know how you get on!

Fracastorius (Jane)