Hi,I was diagnosed with MS in November and will be starting Tecfidera on Tuesday next week. What are peoples experiences with this? Has anyone had any side effects and is there anything I can do to prevent them? My MS Nurse suggested taking the tablet with a source of protein at the same time? Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

Hi Danielle,

I’m also starting Tecfedira very shortly. If you search Tecfedira in the forum their are previous threads that give all the information.

Obviously, these are other people’s experiences and some will be better and some will be worse.

Good luck


OK I will do thank you, I only joined this site today and not familiar with it yet but I will have a go :slight_smile:


I am on my 4th week now, I sometimes get some flushing and a bit of a rash on my arms that’s itchy. It only lasts about an hour.

I haven’t bothered taking asprin as i don’t really want to be taking more tablets.

I always make sure i have plenty to eat before taking my capsule. I don’t bother trying to have a high protein meal i just eat what ever i fancy.

Good luck

Thanks for your reply. Oh I’m glad about that, it will be so much easier if i can eat what I like. I will just have to wait and see how it affects me I guess, everyone is different


Just take your two doses over 4 hours apart, with a decent amount of (any) grub in your belly.

For everything else, just carry on as normal.

will you have side effects? probably.

can anyone predict which ones or how severe? nope.

but i have found this:

a full belly = no nausea

paracetamol = no stomach cramps

aspirin = lessened flush / prickles / itchiness

anti-histamines = if the aspirin isn’t enough

diet = same as usual

booze = yes please!

tecfidera = no problem what so ever

good luck and persist. do not be anxious, you have no reason to be and if anything, anxiety just makes you feel worse. taking tecfidera is a good thing. work to recognise it as such.

Brilliant, thank you Paolo! Really good advice there and making me feel much better already :slight_smile:

you are more than welcome. any time. we are all in this together.

i was not diagnosed much more before yourself and the attitude today, is to get on DMDs asap. there is no time for fear or delay. every day on something like tecfidera is seen to be an investment in future health and continuing abilities.

unfortunately for my mum, the attitudes and drugs available were not the same as today. it sounds strange to say it, but we are at a good time to get diagnosed!

good luck, enjoy the sense of actually exercising some form of control over this MS nonsense by taking the Tec and let us know how it all goes.

When I have told friends I have actually said I’m one of the lucky ones. I was diagnosed something like 10 days before the drug came out here, I work in a GP surgery (one of the reasons this was diagnosed quickly) and I know how much people have to fight for some drugs for various conditions! I think I do have a pretty good aattitude and haven’t let it get me down yet. When the consultant told me he did even say you have taken this really well, do you understand what I’m telling you. Anyway, I think my MS nurse scared me a bit about the side effects of the Tec but feeling much better about it now so thanks :slight_smile: