Tecfidera question

Last time I saw my neurologist I was told since my injections were not working they were going to try tysabri or gilenya. I am wondering what tecfidera is for? What is the criteria for tecfidera? Could I go on to this pill or is it a drug you would get when you are first diagnosed?

Hi Disney,

It hasn’t been approved by NICE yet. It’s been approved in Scotland but not yet in England. I think it has to do with cost as the wonderful pharmaceutical company is charging $50,000 per year globally when it costs pennies to produce.

It was originally developed to treat psoriasis but has since been developed to treat MS. I’m not sure if it will be used as a fist line of defence for MS but at that price I shouldn’t imagine so. I am thinking of starting a petition on for the pharmaceutical company to reduce it’s price.

I hope that this helps.

Adrian x

I’m interested in this DMD, someone said it could be first line. I’m in the process of thinking about which DMD to go or if anything at all. I’d like know about this DMD, will it come to England?