Tecfidera numb face?

I have been on the higher dose for a week with no problems. Yesterday I had a numb face and very dizzy and slight tummy pain. I had eaten my big bowl of high protein Musli for breakfast by 2pm felt aweful.

Anyone else had a numb face or dizziness? Or does anyone know what I could take to help.

I take an aspirin half an hour before my dose.


Numb face sounds like a typical MS problem to me, not a drug side-effect. Probably the same for the dizziness. Sorry.


Thanks Tina, I thought that may be the case but wasn’t sure. Do you suffer from flushing? If you do what does it feel like?

Sorry, I’m not on Tec.

I do get what could be construed as the occasional hot flush, but I am a woman of a certain age, so I’m unsure whether it’s that, or a broken thermostat due to MS, or a little bit of both.

Sometimes, for example, I can’t cool down after a hot meal (I mean an ordinary dinner, not a hot curry or something). That happened last night, and my clothes and hair were damp and sticking to me - just from having dinner.

Sometimes it has happened in the night, and has been so bad I’ve had to get up and change the sheets.

But as I say, no real proof it’s the MS. The only clue is I first started noticing the odd problem with temperature regulation many years ago - well before MS was diagnosed, but also well before any thought that I could be approaching the menopause. This hints that it’s wholly or mainly an MS problem, and not age-related, as it started pretty young.



Hello. As a Tec user I reckon that the numb face and dizziness would be the MS, not the Tec.

Did you join the Facebook group? Loads of stuff on there (as well as on this forum) about things to take for side effects.

Louise x

I agree with the other posters, MS not 'Tec. I’ve never had numb face or dizziness from Tec. My neurologist told me it can take several months for Tecfidera to start protecting you from relapses so…


I can only echo the others… numb face and dizziness are not consequences i have had from eating tecfidera. But they do however, sound like they might be typical MS symptoms (or any number of other things).

As for the flushing… i cannot report any sensations of heat or a dramatic blushing of my skin, but during week three (therefore when i upped my dose to 3 x 120mg daily) i would develop some seriously intense patches of itchiness. they would be localised only to my hands and hairy places (ie. my pits and bits). the only relief, came from holding the itch under cold running water.

but then my pharmaceutical company representative (aka ‘MS nurse’) recommended off the shelf anti-histamines, and i was itch free immediately and permanently (after three days)

Spoke to Tec nurse and she said she has had others who have dizziness and numbness so not sure what to think now.

Bad abdominal pains easing now I have taken buscupan. Numb face only slight today.

i got stomach cramps too. only once or twice, but their onset was very sudden and severe. paracetamol did the trick for me.

Just hoping it isn’t a relapse so soon after the last one! Can’t think of anything that could have started it either.