Teaching ill health retirement timeline?

Hi, I filled in my IHR forms and sent them to school February 8th 2021. I have not been able to work as a full time teacher as per my role since June 2019. I have still not had any response to say my form has been submitted to TPS. Does anyone have a rough timeline of application from you to school, school to their medical OH, to TPS to hearing anything? Feeling very frustrated and upset about it all to be honest.

I retired from teaching 10 years ago and I’m not quite sure if I remember correctly but I don’t think I sent my forms directly to school. I collated lots of evidence including getting the forms filled by OH, my GP and my neurologist. What I do remember is that there was some delay before OH gave me their forms as they hadn’t been paid by school. Once I had all this information I took them to HR myself for them to forward to TPS but I’ve no idea how long the process too then. That makes me feel it was a lot less than the 2 months you’ve waited.
Maybe you need to give school a ring to find out what’s happening.

as stated, YOU can send the forms to TPS - you should chivvy your school though as you only have 2 years since employed to submit (in the old ‘normal’ days) the process is straightforward and you can track your submission progress using the TPS website. I sent all the necessary people - neurologist, OH, school etc a stamped addressed (to TPS) envelope too - seeing as your username is linked to Bagpuss I reckon we are of a similar age?

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Hi, me again. I had contacted my employer and TPS to see where my application was. School had just sent it to county. Things are looking up.
Not everyone gets my ProfYaff :wink: I was 40 last year

I’ve had confirmation from my employer that TPS have confirmed my application has been successful and we’ve set the termination date.

I filled my form in and handed it to the school completed by myself in June 2018 The medical part was completed by ms nurse, doctor and consultant. There was some delay there. I heard back in Nov 2018 and officially retired in December. I felt very stressed about it at the time but it went through ok.

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Brilliant news! Such a relief and a lot quicker than mine was. Time to relax and recharge now.

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