Hi everyone, Teachers Pensions received my application on 4/12, and I’ve been tracking it online. Today, the case shows as 100% completed, with 3 other cases opened. Two of them, something along the lines of ‘Action IHR application’ and ‘Correspondence re IHR application’ are also showing as opened and completed today, but there is ‘Request for recycling declaration’ which is still open. Does anybody have any experience of the process, and know whether these developments are good or bad? I’m just amazed at how quickly it seems to be being dealt with!

I’m pretty sure it’s good news! I can’t tell from that whether you have been awarded the basic or enhanced pension.

I retired 3 years ago and was given the enhanced pension and it went through quickly (I’m PPMS) I think you’ll get a letter in the next day or two. The recycling thing is a legal thing you need to sign to say that you won’t do something (can’t remember what!) with the lump sum!!

So, it looks as if you might have some good news for Christmas!

Let us know what happens.

Sarah x

‘Recycling declaration’???

I wasn’t a teacher; when I was put out to grass I didn’t think of myself as having been put in the employment recycling bin, but it is quite a good metaphor, now I think about it…

I hope that you get good news soon.


I took I’ll health retirement from teaching over 20 years ago so it’s all a mystery to me (I didn’t even have my own computer then so it seems like a lifetime ago) I wish you all the luck in the world and can only say that although I really loved my job retirement was the best thing I ever did



Oh my goodness! I have been trying to reply to your kind words for weeks, but after writing long messages, it wouldn’t let me post!!

update…I got a letter on 11th Dec granting me an enhanced pension, so wonderful news!! I’m still a bit in limbo though, due to more incompetence…I hadn’t heard anything else by 7th Jan, so rang TP to be told that the decision was ok, but that part of the form had been filled in by school, when it should have been filled in by HR. To cut a long story short, the letter asking for another correctly completed form had been sent to the wrong place, so I got in touch with HR last week, and the lady sent a corrected copy the same day.

i left it a few days and still hadn’t heard anything, so rang TP again who have now received the form, but I’m still waiting for progress and some figures! I’m obviously delighted to have been granted an enhanced pension, but just a bit disappointed that things seem to have slowed down so much after they were fantastic to start with.

I’ll be glad once we know how much to expect so we can start to plan for the future, so fingers crossed they’ll get their act together soon.

Anyway, thanks again to you all for your kind words - it was really appreciated!

nicky x

Great news!

At least you know it’s getting sorted and is in your favour.

Hopefully it won’t be long now!

Sarah x

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If you ring the pension provider they should be able to give you figures.

Jan x

Thanks Jan and Sarah! Still frustrated…got another letter today as a follow up to last week’s phone call telling me that they are still waiting for service and final salary details from my employer. Most frustrating part of it all is that they said they had sent a letter in the middle of December, but it was never received by human resources. If I hadn’t rung again they probably still wouldn’t be chasing it up! They have sent another form to the right person at HR, and I spoke to the lady at HR who said that as soon as she received the form she would fill it in for me, so fingers crossed that I might get some good news soon! Xx