Happy new year everyone !

just a quick one regarding fatigue- does anybody else find that they don’t even have energy to talk some days ?

I am increasingly finding talking extremely exhausting…

I just end up shutting up because it takes up too much energy!

I’m just wondering if anyone else feels similarly ?

There are sooo many different symptoms that we may all present with something different.

I’m still quite new on here, only recently dx’d with PMS as a working diagnosis. My problems are mainly with my knees. They just go to jelly, and then crumble. If I don’t sit down I am likely to fall down with my legs disintegrating under my body and my body falling onto my back…

Anyway, it may be that it’s not specially talking that is causing your fatigue. It may be your brain thinking about what you are going to talk about / what you are actually saying… Is it just talking, or does it happen when you are typing, too…???


Hello Emily

Yes, fatigue affects cognitive faculties as well as physical. This is why it’s sometimes almost impossible to talk after a while. I can’t do more than one thing at a time anymore, this includes walking and talking. So I can either walk, or I can talk, just not both together. And being with more than one person is exhausting. So having a rest in the afternoon with absolutely no extra distractions is essential for me. I go and lay down on the bed in the afternoon even if I have people staying (especially then).

Have a look at It explains fatigue and also has some tips on how to manage your fatigue.


Thank you for that link, Sue. It’s very helpful.

Whilst reading it I was reminded of an Adult Care Worker who was writing up an assessment of my needs. It did make me laugh, to myself at the time, and publicly now. I used the word,’drained’, but she changed it to ‘exhausted’… These descriptions are not alternatives… LOL…