taking things for granted

just looking at the posts on here prompted this post

ms really make you take notice of your body

from small things like skin too dry on feet

to bigger things like not being able to trust your own legs

spasticity is a huge problem for a lot of us

now i’ve sought advice for all these and i know what i should be doing

but how flipping long should it take to get up and go about your day?

physio exercises, moisturising feet, moisturising injection sites, taking the multitude of supplements and meds

by the time its done its time for bed :slight_smile:

And the list just goes on n on, getting longer by the year. Someone told me today now much they “admire the way I am coping” having just come into a wheelchair a year ago… !!* !!! Was a bit flabbergasted and replied “what else am I supposed to do if don’t cope” no answer to that one really!!

I just say that I am only coping until I have a better idea.



I just say I cope because I have to :frowning:

Yikes, and ditto that!

Is the dry feet and MS thing? Sorry if that sounds lame but I’m still trying to figure out what’s what right now.

The whole of my lower legs got really dry and I’ve been moisturising every day - I thought it was because I had been using a ‘no no!’ hair removal thingy but I’d been using it for months before with no problem - now I have yeti legs but wearing boots/trousers daily so hey shrugs shoulders

Sonia x

Yeh, my day is so much shorter than it was…

up at 9.15am when carer comes

lunch at noon…rest in recliner

tea at 5 and then off to bed…for a rest…hard life, innit!