Taking catheters on Ryanair flight

Hi all,

I’m flying domestic with Ryanair soon and I’m not sure where I stand with taking my single use catheters in my hand luggage and hold luggage. I don’t need a separate bag for them as it’s only a short trip and they’ll fit in my luggage, but the customer service agents have been utterly useless. They didn’t even know what I meant by single-use catheter, they eventually seemed to click what they were after I explained, then they asked me for details of ‘these pipes’ I wish to take with me! And these are apparently trained ‘Special Assistance Agents’.

So, has anyone taken catheters onboard with Ryanair, either in hand or hold luggage, or both? Did you have to provide a doctors letter or any extra info?

Thank you, I’m really struggling with their customer service so any advice is much appreciated :slight_smile:

I’m puzzled why you think it could be a problem. Unless you’re taking anything liquid with them, and that’s within the allowed 100ml, I really can’t imagine how it could even be something to consider.


I agree with Poppy. Can’t imagine why there’d be a problem. It’s not like they could be used as a weapon. As Poppy says, the only potential thing to note is if they contain liquid. You could always check with your MS nurse or the people who supply your catheters. Other than that, I’d keep them in your hand luggage - it’ll be a massive pain if your main luggage doesn’t go on the same flight!


Advice from airlines is always to have “medication” in with handluggage. Reckon that qualifies. Don’t know how much room they take up, but you are allowed one piece of EXTRA luggage if you label it “medical equipment”. Clear it with airline first and keep copy of the email! Always useful when checking in to wave at person on desk - as that won’t be the person on the phone.

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