Flying with ISC

We are flying to America soon and I use ISC. I have a letter from my ms nurse which explains what they are. I will pack most of them in hold luggage but will need some for the flight. When do I declare them, do I put them in clear bag where carry on toiletries go or just leave them in cabin baggage and tell security at x rays. If anyone has experiences of this would appreciate feedback.

I haven’t flown to the States, but every time I have flown, I’ve taken all my catheters etc (plus all drugs) in hand luggage with no problems. I take everything in hand luggage just in case they lose my hold bag, or send it to China or somewhere by mistake. It would be a lousy holiday with no catheters or no medicines!

Have a good time.


Thanks a great idea.

You may know there is some sort of medication that you can take that will surpress urine production for a few hours for this kind of occasion. I cant temember the name, but it has to be used carefully.

It’s called desmopressin. I’ve used it but it’s not been very useful for me. I think it doesn’t work for me because some of my wanting to wee is based on bladder spasms, and the vibration of a car or a plane just sends it into permanent spasm. So it’s a bit miserable. I decided when I went to India a couple of years ago not to take it, partly because it didn’t work too well, and partly because we flew business class out and first class back and I didn’t want to miss the champagne and the lovely first class wines (and they are lovely!).

I ended up last year, flying to Malta, using continence pants instead!