Hi, New member here. I haven’t been seen yet waiting for my Neurology appointment next month, just wondering what symptoms you had and what tests or examinations to expect, should I make a note of my symptoms etc. Thanks in advance. Hope all stay safe in this unknown times.

hi there anon

first of all why not give yourself a user name. you can remain anonymous when using the name of some pet.

makes no difference to me but user names are recognisable.

YES you absolutely should make notes of your symptoms, even better if you can make a timeline.

also take a trusted friend with you who can prompt you if your words dry up (this happens to most of us).

the tests will include basic reflex tests and time to discuss your symptoms,

an MRI (totally painless and gives a lot of information).

VEP (visually evoked potential) again painless.

maybe LP (Lumbar Puncture) although this may take place at a later date). this can make some people feel rough, caffeine helps to minimise the chance of the headache from hell so take full fat cola with a bendy straw. you need to lie flat for an hour, hence the bendy straw!

don’t get all stressy because that will make you feel worse.

good luck brave warrior!

carole x

Welcome to you, I agree with catwomancarol on most, just not the lumber puncture, I had this, was told to lay totally flat for 3hrs and had no ill effects at all, no headache, nothing, I think it just depends and hopefully you’ll be the same. Definitely make notes, as we can all forget and I agree, have someone with you, to take things in for you incase you forget, good luck.

Jean x

Hi anon I was diagnosed a couple of years ago I didn’t have any test I was on holiday and became unwell when I returned to uk I went to A/E who booked me in for suspect stroke.

Then neurological was called who asked a lot of question but he said he new what it possible could be and I was booked in for a MRI which took a couple of weeks.

then after my scan I waited for the results which took about 4 weeks then I was called in for appointment and was told my diagnosis the MRI revealed all and I didn’t need any other test.

now on medication and live everyday as it comes some are good and some are not so good can’t really explain symptoms because so different all the time but MRI scan are very good at picking up on most things in the body.

I can say one thing Nero are very good at there jobs and ms nurses and my GP.

so I hope all goes well for you and you get your results soon.


Hi so you`re yet to be diagnosed I take it?

I would echo re keeping a diary to help the neuro.

All the usual tests have been mentioned above.

Good luck.


In addition to your symptoms, document any changes you’ve had to make to your lifestyle. Have you stopped bathing regularly because you can’t get in and out of the tub? Require a cane or shopping cart to walk through a store? Limit housework because of difficulty holding a broom or standing long enough to sweep? Many doctors are more willing to listen to your symptoms when you can show that they’re negatively affecting your life.

Thank you everyone for the advice I will start on the diary and changes to my life. Will follow up when I have beem Stay safe and take care.

Hi Nicki,

Have you been diagnosed or just starting the journey?

Glad you’ve given your name and beautiful butterfly. Now we know who you are!

Carole told you of tests and things.

Remember to take your diary to your appointment and try and take someone with you to help remember what your told.

So much information to take in.

Take care.

Jen SPMS (secondary progressive MS)

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