Symptoms, waiting for a doctor, spinal cysts (lesions)

I’m looking for information on spinal cysts that showed up on 2 previous MRI.

I have been waiting for a neurologist appointment for a year and 3 months

I need info on symptoms ,

I have all the symptoms but didn’t know that it wasn’t normal !


I actually can’t answer you. I’m slightly confused, spinal cysts aren’t the same as spinal lesions are they?

For MS, generally lesions are found in the brain. And maybe the spine.

Have you had an MRI of the brain?

And when you say you have ‘all the symptoms’, do you mean of MS? Because that would be slightly unusual, we don’t all have all the symptoms. We differ from one another.

Have you been seen by a neurologist? And had a neurological examination?

If you give us a bit more information, we might be able to help.


I’m waiting to see a neurologist , I’ve had a mri yrs ago that suggested could be ms. My family doctor was to monitor me . I’ve had an episode of painful arms pins and needles in my hands. This lasted about3 weeks , my elbows hurts , I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia too. My hands go numb off and on for about 15 yrs. I’ve have episodes of my face usually on one side skin hurts feels like something is brushing up against it like your hair , I’ve had a lot of problems with my lower lumbar spine and neck , doctor ordered mri and found cyst on the spine and a Tavlor cyst on s2 nerve root . My feet go numb , lately I’ve been having the “hug ” I have this feeling of tightening on the bra line , I can. Or wear a bra because it makes it worst , it does ease off, but it’s always bothering me . I’m having muscle cramps in my legs along with weakness.i have stairs to go upstairs to bed and in the morning when I come down , my whole body is stiff and sore , going up stairs my legs feel very weak . I have trouble with balance I do yoga and I can not seem to get the balancing parks of the program, the other day I almost fell off my steps as I was coming up them . I have trouble holding on to things , this happens off and on .most of the time the symptoms come and go , stress makes it worse and I’m going through a divorce. Numbness and tingling lips .

Hi 1963cook it sounds like you’re having a horrible time and for that I am sorry… in between it all a divorce as well ! I’m not sure I can help really. To be honest I’m thrown by spinal cyst as I’m pretty sure they’re not indicitavie of ms though I’m happy to be corrected if wrong. The thing with ms is that there are so many symptoms and no two people are the same. It is entirely possible that you could tick off the symptoms like a check list and not have ms because there are so many reasons for suffering them aside from ms. A diagnosis is notoriously difficult so I wish you every luck in obtaining some answers soon!

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Thank you for your comments :heart: