Symptoms but doctor refuses to test

I have been having problems for several weeks now with pins and needles in my hands and feet, stabbing pains in my feet, nerve twitching in my eye and numbness in my fingers. My GP has done many blood tests and ruled out any deficiencies in my blood. I am concerned I have symptoms of ms but my GP says these would be localised not in my hands and feet at the same time at the early stages and refuses to do any more tests. He says the symptoms will probably go away given time.

A couple of years ago I had similar symptoms in both my arms and, again, tests didn’t show any problem - this problem did go away but I was given no reason for it occuring.

My father had ms and, although I know this should not be a factor, it does make me more concerned. Has anyone else had this problem with their GP, do you think he is right, and what should I do? Thank you

I can’t say what your problems are but you should ask your Gp to refer you to a neurologist for more tests to find out what, if anything, is the matter. Don’t be fobbed off!

We can’t say, but why not see a different GP within the surgery, or use the NHS Choices website?

I’m sorry for the difficulties you’re facing Sarah. It can be a minefieldl with GP’s. You have a few options:

  1. Go see another GP in the same practice

  2. Take somebody with you who can be more assertive on your behalf

3.Give it some time and if things don’t improve go back to the GP and say I’ve had episode X a few years back now I’ve had episode Y which now hasn’t got better. Bloods were normal. I think under the circumstances as it hasn’t got better it would be a good idea for me to see a neurologist.

Whatever you do don’t mention you’re worried about MS - GP’s/ Dr’s hate self diagnosis and can start to think it’s all anxiety or in your head.

Do keep an open mine there is every chance that it isn’t MS as so many conditions can present with similar symptoms.

Good luck