symptom query

Hi everyone. I am awaiting dx. All I know so far is that inflammation has been found in my spinal cord. I am seeing my neuro to discuss further in a few weeks. I have symptoms going back several years, my last two ‘episodes’ being the most serious. (March 2012 I had optic neurotic, April this year I had severe paresthesia which lasted 3 months). Unfortunately I have had ongoing problems since the last episode. I’m constantly tired, sometimes to the point of exhaustion. My legs often feel heavy and the muscles can be quite painful. I’ve also experienced some weakness in my legs and arms, and my arm muscles ache if I raise them for any amount of time or lift things. I’ve also been getting ‘wobbly’ eyes when I’m tired and tried to focus. I have some speech problems when I’m tired or stressed. Anyway my question is, with MS, would you normally expect full recovery between relapses? Or is it common to have leftover after effects? Kaz xx

Hi Kaz

Everyone is different to be honest. Sometimes I recover completely and sometimes I am left with a little reminder of my relapse.

I was diagnosed in 2005 and I usually recover quite well following a relapse although if I am stressing the recovery time is slower. Like I said though no two people are the same so it’s just a case of wait and see I reckon.

Good luck and take care of yourself.
Shazzie xx

Thank you Shazzie. I really appreciate your reply :slight_smile: xxx

Had a relapse 5 months ago and am still the same so I think everyone is different regarding a recovery.

Hi Louis. Do you mean you have gone back to the same as you were before the relapse, or you are now still the same as during your relapse? Best wishes, Kaz xx

Had a relapse feb and still have weakness in the left leg, not as bad but still certainly weaker! Have had sensations that developed in 2011 but this wasn’t a relapse just a symptoms and remains there. Hope this helps. Oh have to say my fatigue etc in relapse went and I feel tons better than I did in relapse. Xxx

Thank you LisaLou :slight_smile: xx

Hi Everyone is different. Some make a full recovery between relapses some don’t, although quite often the symptoms do improve a bit…I think. My main relapse was a year and a half ago and I still can’t straighten my arm or fingers completely, although they do now move and function again. So when you read about people taking medication it is often to help combat the leftover symptoms. Hope you find some answers soon. Mish x

Thank you Mish :slight_smile: xx

Hi Kaz

Sometimes I make a full recovery and sometimes I am left with lingering symptoms. The symptoms I am left with are mostly mild for example pins and needles. However if I am unwell with a virus or a migraine then everything feels worse and I always say everything goes to my legs! It soon clears up as soon as I am well though. Oh, and heat and humidity plays me up too although I haven’t suffered quite so badly this year as I usually have.

Tracey x

Thanks Tracey :slight_smile: Really appreciate the reply xx