Symptom advice

I was diagnosed with CIS in June after positive MRI scans. Over the past few days I have been suffering from restless leg syndrome - in my right leg, foot, hip, shoulder, elbow and hand. I’ve never had this before and it is a very odd sensation, also very hard to relax. My MS nurse is away for 2 weeks and I can’t find anyone to get in touch with, so I wondered if anyone has some advice? Is this another episode of demyelination and do I need to do something?

Hi Beowulf x

Could you ring your neuro’s secretary or your GP for advice?? xxxjenxxx

Tried to get hold of the neurologist but no joy. Next GP appointment is next week :confused:

I would phone the hospital that you’re under and see if they have an ms team there. Even though your specific ms nurse is off there maybe someone else that can help you from your hospitals ms team. If the neurologists secretary has a voicemail then leave them a message and ask them to get back to you. Not sure if this link will work but saw from your profile that you’re in Grantham so I figured you’d come under the Lincolnshire nhs trust so if you go to the link it gives you a variety of numbers for the ms team under the trust. Hope that helps. X

Thank you for your replies. Although I live in Grantham I’m still with Peterborough and Stamford nhs trust. I will try the hospital again tomorrow and hope for the best. Nothing like feeling completely helpless hey!

Considering your present symptoms and history, its reasonable for you to ask to see your GP on the day you ring. If not your named GP then one of his/her colleagues. Its just a case of stating this to the receptionist…you will probably have to wait till the end of surgery. Good luck x