Surgical cure ?

A friend posted on facebook ( i know) about an Italian doctor who is operating on ms patients with good succes.

basically he says that veins that drain the sac around the brain get blocked allowing immune cells to cross the membrane and attack the nervous system.

sorry i cant explain further or have links but a google should bring it up

This is not a new procedure - it has been going for some years now. CCSVI - l am on the Biotin for Progressive MS - facebook group. And there are many many members who have had this procedure done. Some very successful - others not. lt seems that not all lnterventional radiologist are capable of doing it properly.

So many are spending thousands £ $ on an inferior treatment. And it all depends if the IR - has all the latest technology to do it.

lts not just a simple angioplasty - it has been discovered to be more intricate then that. Which is why many people who had good results to begin with - soon lost all the improvements when their veins ‘re-stenosised’.

lt is a very interesting theory - which would take us out of the 'neuro’s grip. l will look up some of the comments about it on the facebook group - and find out who is doing the more successful liberation treatment. l do feel that this CCSVI idea is the answer - but finding a better and more lasting way of doing treating it needs to be researched more.

Thanks for the link …I think the article on Indazole Chloride within the link looks more promising…

You also need to look at:

and also not that no-one can answer the big question:

Does CCSVI cause MS< or does MS cause CCSVI?

There is evidence that blood crossing the blood-brain barrier is implicated in MS, but none of the specialists involved seem to want to talk to the other specialists (sort of medical turf wars).

When Zamboni’s work first hit the headlines, clinics were popping up all over offering to do the procedure (at a high price) and were arguing amongst themselves as to who did it best. This sort-of moved the attention away from doing proper research into the condition (whether cause or effect). However, you could read this:

and form an opinion.


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This video holds up pretty well and is easy to understand.

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I had the CCSVI procedure done in 2011 in Edinburgh.

The effects were immediate.

I was sitting up on the bed and I just knew that I was back to my old self.

I’d been leaning to one side for 3 years without knowing it but on that bed I knew that I was properly aligned.

I was starving so me and hubby set off to an Italian restaurant that he knew.

I was walking like I had seven league boots on.

the poor man couldn’t keep up with me.

A big grin appeared on my face and wouldn’t go away.

It was an incredible feeling and when we got back to manchester i was showing off left, right and centre - standing on one leg whereas I’d previously struggled to stand on two legs.

Unfortunately, after six months the benefits started to fade until I was back to square one.

It wiped our bank balances out but to me it was worth it.

If I hadn’t tried it, I would always have wondered.

It would be fantastic if this procedure could be tweaked so that we could all stand on one leg!

good luck to anyone trying new procedures.

Carole xx

Carole - what an interesting post - and well done for at least trying CCSVI. l think you will agree - that there is certainly something positive with it - but more research needs doing to refine the treatment. lt seems to be that the correct technology and expertise from lnterventional Radiologists is the key.

Most, like you, had amazing results at first - but they soon went back to how they were. l do consider this to be a positive - not a negative - as we at least know that our condition is reversible with the right key.

Keep the ‘HOPE’ for a better future.

hi spacejacket

thanks for understanding what i meant.

it does flag up hope that one day soon there will be a cure.

there are loads of nearly cures that have been tried.

keep hope alive!

carole x