Supporting partner with progressive ms

Hi everyone, I support my partner who has progressive. She also suffers anxiety, irritable bladder, depression. GP has prescribed a cocktail of drugs which she is reluctant to take, her hygiene is almost nil so has infections . Low mood, crying, broken sleep, verbally abusive, no appetite. These are the barest details and I’m at my wits end what to do next, even with nowhere to go I am at the point of walking out.

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Before you walk out, talk to the MS Nurses, explain how close you are to leaving and ask them to contact the appropriate team to arrange some urgent respite care so you can get some “me” time


Hi, oh dear . I do feel for both of you.
Obviously something has to change,

Have a chat with social services or like GCCK says, the MS nurse.

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Many thanks for your reply, I’ll contact them.