Stupid question

Hi everyone, I’m going seeing the neurologist in a few weeks time and trying to prepare myself with information on my symptoms and suchlike. This may be a stupid thing to ask but does anyone get hiccups a lot, not as a side effect of meds though as I’m not on any. I get them at intervals throughout the day on a regular basis and wondered if its something I should mention or will the consultant think I’ve lost my mind! Thanks for listening. Ang x

Hi Ang

Im certainly no expert on anything that is not sea related but you should tell them everything and never feel like you being stupid as if it was something that didnt bother you , you wouldnt think of asking in the first place , remember its your time with the Neuro and make sure you get the answer or info you want or need , hope all goes well for you



Hi Ang, and welcome :slight_smile:

There’s no such thing as a stupid question on here :slight_smile:

I agree with Sean - tell the neuro; hiccoughs can have a neurological cause so they are definitely relevant.

I’ll post a copy of an old post of mine about first consultations. It might be helpful.

I hope it goes well :slight_smile:

Karen x

These are the things that I think help at a first consultation:

No.1: Be prepared! (It’s always best to have something and not need it than need it and not have it!)

  • Be able to tell the neuro your medical history, any neurological illnesses in your family (if asked) and your symptoms in a succinct, objective manner. Prepare a list / aide memoire to help you. Do not prepare lists with loads of details over loads of pages: the neuro will most likely only want a topline summary / headlines. If they want more info, they’ll ask. A good list will be chronological and focus on the main symptoms. For example, April-May 2009 (recovered): optic neuritis; September-December 2010 (some recovery): incontinence, spasms in legs, shooting pains in legs; June 2012 (ongoing): terrible fatigue, deterioration in walking, some cognitive difficulties. If this is the first time this kind of thing has happened to you, then stick to a simple explanation – when it started, what the main symptoms have been and how they progressed, if anything has gotten better since. For example, March 2012: woke with tingling in legs. Developed to legs, torso and back over 2 week period. April: extreme fatigue; tingling areas now buzzing, itching and hypersensitive too. Now: all of the above plus blurry eyesight.

  • Take a (short) list of questions if you have any.

  • Take a list of symptoms that you are struggling with so the neuro can advise re meds or therapy.

No.2: Do not hand over lists unless you really can’t talk through things yourself. If you do hand something over, do not speak until the neuro has finished reading it (or asks you a question - once you’ve answered it, be quiet again if there’s more to read). If you are planning on handing anything over, keep a copy for yourself.

No.3: Be honest. Do not exaggerate and do not play things down.

No.4: Take someone with you if you can. It is really helpful to have another pair of eyes and ears there so there’s a better chance of remembering what happened and what was said. The other person can also help to jog your memory if needed.

No.5: If the neuro’s taking notes of what you’re saying, give him enough time to keep up and get things written down properly.

There really is nothing to be concerned about. The goal of an initial consultation is for the neuro to work out what the most feasible explanations are for your symptoms and to order suitable tests. To do that, he/she needs to know your history and the results of a clinical exam. The only bit that you can help with is the history. So that’s your contribution: to provide the information that the neuro needs. This isn’t too hard - after all, it’s all about you! A list / aide memoire can help to keep you from waffling or missing out something important though.

Thanks so much for your replies Sean and Karen, that information at the end is really helpful and yes you’ve made me realise that it does bother me so it’s worth a mention, thanks again. Ang x

Could be relevant - certainly worth mentioning x

It’s so random when it happens and in my open an office it sounds really loud, makes so many people comment on it, then it gotta thinking, I don’t know many people who hiccup all the time, well we’ll see, the consultant will probably think I’ve lost the plot anyhow! Thanks for listening Ang x

That’s an open plan office, sorry time for bed, eyes are drooping x

I do yes really loud sometimes too. Can I ask a stupid question too does anyone else hate being tickled not cos of laughing but because it feels so horrible like its sent bugs up you? Everyone thinks I’m weird for it and I have to keep slapping where I was tickled to try and get rid of it

I get that Arwen. Not when actually being tickled but when one of my sons cuddles me sometimes. I just thought it was an aversion to his way of cuddling. He has a very light touch and at times it is unbearable. He is getting better at firmer touching but he used to just touch my arm or my back and I would hit the roof. It just feels like something has crawled right along your skin but underneath it!

Sharon x

Oh I’m so glad I’m not the only one with the hiccups, yes Arwen mine are really loud to and usually just a random one then no more. No don’t get the sensation when being tickled but that said its a while since anyone attempted lol.

Yep Sharon I’m the same when my kids hug me if its too light a touch its awful. Sumslady- HIC

Lol, that’s the one, made me giggle when I did one this afternoon!!

Yep get them all the time…

But I’ve found a cure!

Get some cider apple vinegar (supermarket or health food shop). When you get hiccups drink about a tablespoon (actually I just slug it from the bottle) UNDILUTED…straight down.

Yes it will make you pull a particularly unattractive face… but believe me, it’s a sure fire way to cure the hiccups.

I’m convinced it’s a neuro thing.

Pat x

Totally misread that at first Pat thought you were suggesting have a bit of cider every time we got hiccups lol Xx

Thanks for the tip Pat, I shall have to stock up! Haha Arwen hmmm that sounds like my kind of remedy, don’t think cider under the desk would go down too well at work though, shame xx

Sadly don’t think I could either although it be nicer than the vinegar we’re now getting !!