Hello - eventually found my way to the forum although personally not impressed with the new site yet. Just a quick post to say that if anyone is thinking about studying either for personal or work through the University that is Open they offer all manner of financial support if you have an assessment for Disabled Students Allowance. Unlike DLA they go out of their way to recommend things that will help and do not try to “catch you out!”. I am currently awaiting a brand new laptop with all manner of software including Dragon (plus 4 days in home training sessions) and several other visual applications I have never heard of, a laptop stand, some overlays and all manner of extra stuff all for free with a 4 year warranty. On top of this course fees will be paid by their financial support department due to my low income. I decided that other Nurse now all need degrees and at 50 I am not too old to get one as well, as although I am unable to use my hands for the fine dexterous tasks I once performed as a Practice Nurse my brain still works. My tutorials are all by email as I hate using the phone and I have managed to find courses with no exams (so far!) as the thought of that terrifies me even though I could take them at home apparently. If you have ever thought you might like to give it a go check out the website, disability is no barrier to study in fact I have found it to be an advantage. Big Jen :smiley: