Stuck in Limbo - Again!

Hi everyone, not having the best of nights here, seems like everytime I think something is going to go right I end up back in limbo. Anyway, not really looking for answers on here, just needed to vent and this seemed the best way to do it. Saw my consultant back in January who finally agreed I needed to go on DMDs and that I would be hearing from my ms nurse to go through everything. Then he surprised me by saying that actually my ms nurse was no longer working in my area and that if I hadn’t heard anything within 2 months I should let them know! News to me. Still waiting now, and am trying to get in touch with my consultant to find out what’s going on. Hate being left in limbo.

Then to top it off, my mother, who looks after me most of the time when things are bad got diagnosed with cancer and has had surgery - at least that went well - but now has to have 6 months of chemotherapy. She just isn’t getting a break at the minute. Not coping well with the treatments she has to go through. I am trying to do more but struggling to cope and desperately trying to rest as I can feel my system fighting with me. My legs keep giving way on me but try everyday not to show there is anything wrong. She doesn’t need me suffering a relapse with everything she is going through. Wish there was a magic wand that could be waved and everything would go back right again… :frowning:

Oh love! Thats bad about your mum getting cancer, when she is taking care of you......tother way round for a bit, when poss, eh?

much luv to you both.


Hi Poll

Thanks for your thoughts. Hoping mum will be ok. She is on chemo at the moment, and fingers crossed that will take care of what remains after the surgery she had. It is a case of the other way round for a bit yes. Can’t do without her so have to make sure she gets better

Ever notice how everything always hits at once! Was feeling a low last night, but as we all have to do, you brush yourself off and get on with things don’t you. Just got to get over my pip assessment now whenever that comes through. At least they have accepted my claim, just have to get the assessment over with now! Fingers crossed things start to go right for a change!

Thanks again

Tina x