Struggling to carry on

Hi all, I’m new to this so bear with me with all the abbreviations you use! I’m 37 yr old female with 2 kids, they’re 4 & 9. I was dx 11 yrs ago, I have RRMS and have been good really throughoutm had bad double vision and pins & needles and numbness upon diagnosism had a relapse then in 2010 after my son was born and haven’t been able to walk far since, but this weekend I have had burning numb legs and feet and feel very tired abd struggling to walk even to the kitchen! I have never had steroids or any medication even though I’ve been begging neurologist/ms nurse so I can carry on working/look ing after kids etc, seems like no one takes me seriously for some reason :frowning:

I really feel for you and understand how just the simplest of things can make you feel they are impossible to do.

My own youngest was a baby of 10 months when I was diagnosed and he yurned out to be hyperactive. It nearly broke me and my marriage.

Do you have a partner to share with ?

The only way we got through was because my husband would come in from work and I would litterally say hi and go to bed. He wouold look after my other 2 children and the baby and I could relax and sleep for a few hours. It must have recharged me just enough as I am still here !

I remember thinking everyday, I just cannot do this…I cannot do it for another day but somehow I did.

I have never had meds for MS although over the years I have aquired a long list of meds for other things some of which do help the MS because they are treating some of the symptoms.

It does sound like you might benefit from a review by your MS nurse ( I don,t have one of those either but believe some are great ) Maybe she could suggest something or get you in to see the neuro.

Take it a day at a time and when that is too much take an hour at a time.

Hello and welcome, Sorry to hear you are struggling at the moment, I am amazed you haven’t got a MS nurse. You mentioned you haven’t taken any med’s to help, but sometimes it’s a good idea so you can help yourself. MS is such a complex condition and we all have different things wrong at different times, the one thing we all need is help in one way or another so I urge you to ask your own gp or neurologist for a MS nurse. Make them listen to you. Good luck and hope you feel better soon. Janet x