Strange pulsing/burning pain/discomfort

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

honestly I feel a bit strange I was diagnosed just a few days ago, still in a bit of shock but I guess at least they know whats wrong and can treat it. I had health issues last year and got alot of I DONT KNOWS which I hated but anywhos…

I’m curious cause its very strange this feeling, I get pulsing discomfort in certain places on my body its very weird and uncomfortable. I literally just got in my back as I type this now but only last a minute or so, but then it moves can be a thigh… left butt cheek…etc


On my left inner thigh I got this burning feeling it never goes, I tried cold showers but no just never leaves. Its kinda the feeling u get when u get a burn but it never cooled down or got stung but more intense. And with the heat England is experiencing now its just constant discomfort.


i have burning feet, constantly.

even when it’s the middle of winter and my upper body needs to be huddled in my duvet, my feet have to be out of the bed.

i get up and go down to the kitchen to stand on the quarry tiled floor.

i have a cooling spray which helps preserve my sanity.

most supermarkets sell these.

Being diagnosed with MS is a bugger alright. And it will mess with your head. It’s crap and not in the slightest bit fair.

Strange burning type feelings in odd places are an MS speciality.

As Carole said, try a cooling spray, like Magicool, or a supermarket version.

Amitriptyline is a good drug for strange burning feelings, but it’s something to take in the evening, not during the day as it will make you fall asleep. And not something to take past about 8pm as it can give you a hangover type feeling the next day. But, it does work. (I’ve got so I can take it at virtually any time of day now, but that’s after years worth of practice.)

I should think one part of you is glad for the diagnosis, having answers to the ‘I don’t knows’ is a great thing. But then you’re faced with a disease that basically you know sod all about. And one that has the power to scare the pants off you.

Keep asking questions on here, we’ll do our best to help if we can. If you want to google your symptoms, try to stick to this site and the MS Trust as they are reliable.

Good luck.


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oh wow! I thought my body was just being funky/weird… hot damn after everything else we have to deal with, we have this aswell!

Well thank you very much for the advice! much appreciated!

Anu =]

Hi Sue,

~It feels like a slap in my face, I was JUST getting confidence about myself for the first time in my life… ¬¬ but trying not to be a miserable sod…

See, this shocks me I said in my previous comment I thought my body was just being funky/weird but like seriously what else is going to pop up? feel like we deal with enough already =[

I am glad when my hands started and i got a idk ur scan was fine that was annoying, got the same about my right leg. I think I get treatment this month after 11 months of not knowing and 9 months on the crutch YES I am a tiny bit glad for my diagnosis and the support we get! =]

Thank you very much for the help, much appreciated!



after a while the shock will wear off and then you take stock.

we have to let some things go and some we are happy to let go.

there are things that you never want to let go.

these must be your priority.

you will look back at the fear you have felt and are feeling right now.

you’ll see that you dealt with it well.

that means that you are a survivor.

a warrior.

hold your head up proudly.

do things that make you happy.

laugh a lot, smile even more.

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I’ve had a constant burning on my left thigh for about 3 years, and weirdly this week it has moved over to the right thigh!

Your right, thank you!

going to try my best :smiley:

oh no =[

I guess I was hopeful the treatment would make it go away =[ Did you look at the others comments have you been using cooling spray/gel? its horrible with the sun being chucked =[

No I shall try a spray. Was burning crazy in bed last night. I also feel it with the slightest breeze too, yet I can scratch the whole area with my nails and not feel a thing!