Aren’t folk funny.

Don’t know if it is because I look at life differently now but I don’t seem to understand people or the things they do anymore. I always seem to see things a little bit different. My boyfriend has to point things out to me. My planet is lovely though - everyone has a smile, polite conversation and manners… and I have not led a charmed life …

Just wondering when Attenborough will create a documentary on the most fascinating animals of all… us!

Hi Flutterby

I stumbled upon a great lecturer of human behaviour called Robert Sapolksy on Youtube. Love the mans beard.

True! Humankind is the most complex and diverse of all species!


  • Do you think if alien were to arrive they would possibly put us against the wall and shoot mankind…especially the clowns who cannot get out their cars,but always go beep at my front door at silly o"clock 7 nights a week…I’ll load the guns for them no problem…lol