hey all - what steroids do you normally take and what dose? ta x

Hi Dexamethasone, reducing dose over 8 days from 16mg for 2 days, 12mg for 2 days, 8mg for 2 days, 4mg for 2 days then stop. Val

I had oral steroids once, in 1998. No idea what they were or what the dose was, sorry. Within 4 days I was so ill my neuro told me to come off them. I swore never to have steroids again. My neuro persuaded me to have IV steroids last year. 3 days, 1g per day of methylprednisolone. They left me with stomach ulcers and “extensive inflammation” of my digestive system. I still have loads of problems now, more than a year later, and take 3 pills every day to keep it in check. What’s worse is that the steroids didn’t even work. They work wonders for some people, but I for one wish I’d never ever had them :frowning: Anyone reading this, make sure they give you stomach protection meds if you have steroids! Karen x