Steroids and primary progressive

Have had poor mobility since falling heavily on my backside in the shower 4 months ago. Used to be able to walk about 30 metres with a rollator, but have had to use a wheelchair since fall. Doctor prescribed steroids 50mg Prednisolone for 14 days.

Anyway, started steroids yesterday and mobility came back this morning after only one 50mg dose! Does anyone know why the steroids are helping? Always understood steroids should only be prescribed for RR ms folk.

Any comments?


Glad they are helping John.

Who knows whether they shouldn’t be given for PPMS.

​I am secondary progressive and have just started Rebif. My neuro said that they sometimes prescribe Rebif for SPMS as well as RRMS because those of us with SPMS can still suffer relapses which the Rebif should hopefully slow down.

I have had may people ask me why I am on Rebif as it is only for people with RRMS. What can I say? If it helps us then it helps eh?

Take care and I hope your mobility will continue to improve on the steroids.

Shazzie x

That’s brilliant! So pleased they’re working for you! I’m one of those odd people that steroids have never helped, so don’t ask why, just be happy that they do!

Good luck

Rosina x