Steroids and primary progressive

Had very poor mobility ever since I fell heavily on my backside in the shower about four months ago. Normally had been able to walk about 30 metres with rollator, but have had to use wheelchair since fall. Anyway, GP prescribed steroids - 14 days of 50mg Prednisolone. Started yesterday, what an improvement this morning! Walking again (sort of!) .

Thought steroids weren’t supposed to help primary progressive folk. Why do you think they’re working for me?

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I’m so pleased for you and think that steroids can still help with some stuff. I think they literally promote “fixing” and it’s why there can be such a rough come-down after them.

I had a 2nd course of 500mg x 5 days after being told PPMS and it helped (but didn’t totally fix everything, again but did help some stuff)

Sonia x


should have said that GP gave me an extra 14 tablets 25mg to reduce dose gradually with half tablets to avoid ‘cold turkey’!


Good plan John

Thats great news, I have had success in the past first with intravenous and also tablets.


I think they know so little about ppms that it’s worth a go… fingers crossed they continue to work for you!

Pat xx

Yep, glad to hear there’s something out there that helps. Hope you continue to make progress.

Only time I had steroids was when I was first diagnosed; they were useless, and only succeeded in ruining my taste buds and making my skin all blotchy.

Think I’ll google Prednisolone…