steroid withdrawal

I finished my steroids last saturday for relapse was on 5 a day for 4 days i think the worst of the withdrawal is over although still happening but im still sweating them out im having to wash my armpits all the time the stink is so strong how long until this clears from my system its been ages

Does anyone know how long this withdrawal will last im still withdrawing

I didn’t get withdrawal as such, just felt really sore like I’d used up too much energy and spent 3 days conked out on the sofa! So hopefully not too long

Sonia x

Hi cat mummy, I had 6 tabs for 5 days, it was 9 days before it was out of my system and I felt ‘normal’ again. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon, Sue x


i have had sterooids thrice-each tiome made me worse.

i ubnderstand they have a half life of 4 amnd 1/2chrs which surprised me…


Thanks for replies steroid relapse seems worse than ms relapsr

Steroids make me so crazy, I am terrified of them. Last relapse I took 500mg x 5 days instead of 1000mg. I still nearly went crazy for 10 days, couldn’t sleep, was agitated, panicky and really thought I might be a danger to myself. It also affected my vision. Thankfully it finally settled down but I felt very unnerved from the experience.

Cant wait til they stop causing me symptoms