Stem cell treatment trials for PPMS

Hey everyone, Don’t you think that the stem cell trials done by the Tisch MS research centre NY sound interesting? I found more information about their trials on their website. Included are only patients with PPMS and SPMS. Could this be a new hope for us with PPMS, as the ‘usual’ stem cell therapy (HSCT) doesn’t seem to work that well for us? I would be interested to hear a few opinions from you about this. Hope you are doing fine!

Hello Mimi , sorry I don’t know much about this but welcome to the forum I’ve not seen your messages before . Loads of people on here have good advice . Michelle and Frazer xx

T he Tishe trials aim to inject stem cells into the spinal cord to help repair damage done in progressive MS . HSCT is chemotherapy aimed at resetting your immune system to stop it attacking itself. The treatments would compliment easy other. Have hsct to stop the disease and then Tishe to repair damage which has been left over.

Yes, that sounds like a good combination. Unfortunately both are not common practice, I think there should be done more research in those…

Only just seen this. Sounds promising for the future, could be quite a few years before it’s available to all. I recall the first heart transplant took many years before they became a life saving operation every day.

Thanks Moyna for explaining what these two possibilities are. I agree it will be a good day when these two trials become joined treatment, first stop the problem from getting worse, then repair the earlier damage M.A caused.

Personally, I doubt this Cure & Repair will be available to all PPMS for at least a decade. Of course I I hope I’m wrong.

Chrissie x