Start of Cladribine

I have had a call a short while ago to confirm that I am starting the Cladribine injection treatment next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Hi, I hope all goes well and that Cladribine has the desired effect! I am still waiting for the results of latest mri scans before any decision is made. Sue

Hi Sue, I am in the same situation as you, had an MRI scan yesterday and await the results. I am not sure If I want to find out I have a new lesion to be eligible for the treatment or not. I want to try this treatment but don’t want to know I have another lesion.

Hi, as per my post lower down, I have been offered this in tablet form. got to choose between this and Tysabri infusion. I don’t fancy infusion so am veering towards Cladribine. Recent scan shows a new small white patch, and Tecfidera seems to have done nothing, this Cladribine ain’t cheap. Apparently £4k a dose. I know its new but if anyone has any info/advice/ news about people abroad using it, it would be helpful