stand up wheelchair

I need to purchase a stand up wheelchair that has the ability to also lay me flat horizontally and when sitting, raise my legs. Please provide any advise on company and models

I just did a quick Google and there are some awesome chairs out there. But at awesome prices!

I don’t have any suggestions because they are well outside my budget and experience. I don’t think this is something that you should go for without expert help because it’s such a lot of money.

I suspect that wheelchair services would not provide a chair with this sort of high spec. I want to have lift added to my chair but I can’t have it on the NHS because it doesn’t come under the NHS guidelines for clinical need. Maybe they would be able to guide you to the right chair though.

Hi what do you mean by a lift? I am wondering if you mean something I`ve got on my wheelie…a kerb climber.

This is a removable bit of kit which fastens between the front wheels. When I want to go up a kerb or less than a 4 inch step, I align my chair straight in front of the kerb/step and go on high power and kind of charge (Boudica`s at it again!) ahead. It does jolt me somewhat and i wouldnt want to do it with my new spc…ouch!

Once up over the climb, I have to stop dead and reduce the speed button. There have been a few raised eye brows and odd looks, when I perform this action!

So, after all that, if you dont mean a kerb climber, what do you mean…lol.


Hi Clover, I know these chairs are available and theorising uses a standing chair. Yes, they are costly and I believe she got some funding via her employer. I know she loves it.


Hi Clover, (and Hi Poll thanks for alerting me to this)

I have a stand up wheelchair - its a Balder (I call him Roy as he’s the Rolls Royce of a wheelchair) and is very expensive


I love him - I mean it I’m in love with my wheelchair

Here’s how I got him - I work and so got in touch with Access to Work who part funded it, my employer part funded as well and then I got in touch with NHS Wheelchair Services and they offered an amount too, then I funded the rest myself - it took me 18 months and a lot of determination and dogged persistence - but I did it.

As I said I’m in love with him - madly, deeply in love - there are no other ways to say how he’s transformed my life.

PM me if you want more exacting details.

There are others on the market - a Gennie which is cheaper and a Levo and probably others - I went the the William Merrick Centre in Leeds (a disability charity that does assessment) and tried a number of different wheelchairs out but settled on the Balder.

I hope you manage to get one to suit you, and can get funding to help you get one.

Best wishes, Mary :wink:

I have a Quickie Salsa that is a mid wheel drive and can’t have kerb climbers. I had one on my last chair and to tell you the truth it scared the bejeezus out of me using it so I stuck to drop kerbs. What I want is a mechanism that lifts the seat of the wheelchair 60cm so that I can get into kitchen cupboards, reach things in the supermarket and talk to people at eye level (well almost) I’m in negotiation with wheelchair services and it looks like I have to buy it myself (about £400.00) but I think it will make a real difference. My kitchen is tiny and at the moment I’ve got plates in a drawer so that I can reach them. Its OK on days that I can walk a bit but on sitting down days it would help to reach the wall units and it would be lovely not to have to constantly ask for things reaching in Sainsburys.