stabbing pains from feet

wow got up from sofa last night and got terrible sharp pains from my feet up when i stood up could hardly stand the pain was so bad got up this morning with it aching but not stabbing is this normal for an msser xx

Could be L’Hermittes. L’Hermitte’s sign describes electrical buzzing sensations in the limbs and body brought on by movement of the neck. These sensations are known as paraesthesia and include tingling, buzzing, electrical shocks, partial numbness and sharp pains. L’Hermitte’s is most often triggered by lowering the head so that the chin touches the chest. The sensations usually only last for a second or two. It has been called the “barber shop” symptom because it is often evoked when the hairdresser asks you to lower your head when he or she shaves the back of your neck.

L’Hermitte’s is associated with a number of conditions including arthritis, cervical spondylosis, disc compression, pernicious anaemia, tumours and multiple sclerosis. In many cases, the cause cannot be found.

Because the cervical spinal cord is a frequent target for multiple sclerosis it is a very common symptom of MS. Aproximately two thirds of people with multiple sclerosis experience L’Hermitte’s symptom at some point during the course of their disease.

In MS, L’Hermitte’s is an indicator of lesions in the cervical spine (the part of spine in the neck). Movement of the neck causes the damaged nerves (the demyelinated neurons) to be stretched and send erroneous signals. The symptoms can occur anywhere below the neck and many people with MS find that it moves around their body from one day to the next.


thank you for replies its really helpful although i try not to worry too much you do occasionally do just that


sami xx

Hi, first visit to a forum so bear with me.

I am not generally grumpy, miserable or phased by my MS, I was pleased when told as it was not fatal, I am still able to laugh at myself, if offered a drink I say “no thank you, I can’t walk when I’m sobre”, likewise whenever anyone asks, “how are you?”, I say, “above ground and taking in oxygen, better than the alternative”, with a smile.

I was diagnosed with Relapse and Remitting MS at 37 in 2000, now secondary progressive since around 2003? Recently though it doesn’t seem to have either progressed or deteriorated, more like same old, same old coping one day - pick me up by crane the next… someone has pushed me off a cliff!

From my history any relapses were triggered by something physical, infection etc and steroids reset me, but nothing is working and I don’t get it. The worst thing is, I see my GP, he says MS see the MS nurse, MS nurse says medical see your GP? This has gone on since end of December, my mobility is getting worse, the discomfort of my legs is phenominal, freezing, burning, lots of electric shocks… get the elephant off my feet will you? my memory, concentration and any thought process is fading quicker than I am, and I feel like my requests for assistance cannot be heard as I am obviously SILENTLY SCREAMING!

I am currently awaiting a lumber nerve block for the pain, but right now I am really after the cause, is this normal for S&P and any advice/ suggestiongs on easing the discomfort would be gratefully accepted, and I promise not to scream T

Just to get the “Me me me” over and done with, I have horrendous Neuropthic pain in my feet ,to the extent I wear two morphine patches at all times, take Gabapentin,have access to 4-5 other 'pain killers, smoke the ‘Sativex substitute’ and drink some wine every night so I can sleep.I was trialed for a spinal implant last year(it didn’t help) and have just decided against Deep Brain Stimulatioin in agreement with a brain surgeon.

The sensory input from my feet is misinterpreted as pain in my myelin damaged Brain stem. I know this because we spent £1100 on an M R Venogram in Frankfurt two years ago. I’d have had the Liberation proceedure done at the time ,but there was the matter of another £8000. The sensory input gets so mangled that I can no longer walk. When the pain in my feet started six years ago, with ‘Handy Hindsight’ I would have walked as little as possible. I started using an ancient car portable mobility buggy five years ago, now have a ClassIII road-going buggy as well ,two wheel chairs, a specially modified chair for use in my flat and a load of obselete walking sticks.

I’m not saying you have a dodgy brain stem, but nerve damage elsewhere is probably responsible for the sensation of pain. The pain will hopefully “Do one” and never return. Try changing the sensory inpet by rubbing your feet on soft carpet,different shoes,no shoes,heat,cold etc.

Hope this helps a bit and the weather suits you, Wb