SSEP question

I had my VEP and SSEP done this week.

Apart from being totally unprepared for what they were going to do, and how long it took, I’ve been thinking about one thing in particular.

When they did the electrode on the ankle thing, my right foot big toe beat away quite rhythmically, despite a fairly long delay in getting it going, but my left toe was completely random. It would beat a bit, stop, do a couple together, nothing for a bit, etc. Also, I couldn’t actually feel it moving. If I wasn’t looking, I wouldn’t have known.

I’m guessing this isn’t normal, but can’t find much ‘lay person’s’ info on the net anywhere.

Anyone any idea as to what/where the damage might be, and/or if its relevant?


Hi hunny,

It’s so long since I’ve had these tests done but from what I can remember, yes it is relevant. It is to do with the nerves signals to your brain and explain to the specialists what’s going on with you. I’m afraid that’s about all I can say except look up on the net SSEP and also VEP and it will explain it to you.

Hope this helps.



Thanks Janet x