Sponsored walk in Bristol

Hi there peoples.

I was diagnosed with RRMS in 2010 following 9 looong months of tests. During my probable and eventual diagnosis I was really well cared for by Bristol and Avon Multiple Sclerosis Centre (BrAMS). They have been such a huge support to me that I wanted to say thank you and in 2011 I organised a sponsored walk around Portishead followed by a raffle and a BBQ. On the day we had the most torrential rain from morning until night but that did not stop 130 people turning up to walk the 4.5 mile route around Portishead. During this walk, my poor mother fell over and broke her hip which subsequently needed replacing. Whilst it was a memorable day for some very wrong reasons, it was also a very memorable day because we managed to raise an amazing £10k for the centre. At the time, I vowed I would never do it again, however, 4 years have now passed and I have decided to organise one final walk. The walk will be on Sunday 19th July around Portishead. For those not familiar with Portishead, it is a small town on the outskirts of Bristol. It is very scenic and the route we will go on will take us around the lake and around the marina. It is a mostly flat walk and there are going to be a number of short cuts if you cannot make the whole 4.5 miles. I only started organising this event about 3 weeks ago and we already have around 70-80 walkers. We also have some very nice raffle prizes coming in, including family days out (including Monkey World, Noahs Ark, body shop items,cinema tickets, booze, jewellery and much more. There will be a BBQ, cake stall and possibly face painting. Fancy dress is optional. I am hoping to make this day as successful if not moreso than the last one, so I am looking for people to take part. If the weather is good, Portishead will be buzzing. Last time we even had cars stopping to put money in our buckets as we walked along.

Bristol and Avon Multiple Sclerosis Centre not only look after 4000+ people in Bristol and the surrounding areas, but they also carry out clinical trials to help try to find new treatments for ALL MS sufferers.

If you are not doing anything on Sunday 19 July and live locally (or not), and want to take part or even come along on the day, please get in touch. It will be lovely to meet you.

Sarah :slight_smile: xx

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Good morning all.

Hope you are all feeling as well as can be expected on this beautiful Friday.

I just wanted to give an update on the walk as things seem to be progressing nicely. We now have between 90-100 walker and the list of raffle prizes is growing with some pretty awesome prizes coming in including a weekend stay at the Marriott hotel in Bristol, golf for up to 4 people on a championship golf course, days out, meals, cinema tickets, photo shoots, the chance to win an annual adoption for a bird of prey and much much more. As a result of so many prizes coming in with more to follow, I will be doing a silent auction for a couple of the bigger more specfic prizes and also a tombola. I have also had confirmtion from North Somerset bird of prey centre that they will come along on the day with a couple of birds. There will be a BBQ, face painting and balloons.

All signs are that this is going to be an amazing day but I am still looking for more people to join in with the event. If you would like to take part in the walk, even if you can only do a bit, that would be amazing. Alternatively, if you are not able to walk but would like to come along to support day for a burger and a raffle ticket, please feel free. All I ask is that you let me know how many people you are coming with so that we know how many we are catering for.

Whilst this event is held in Bristol for Bristol and Avon MS centre, please note that the centre do a lot of work to help find new treatments for all MS patients so it is not just the people of Bristol and surrounding areas who benefit from a centre like BrAMS.

Really hoping to get the opportunity to meet some of you in July.

Sarah :slight_smile: x

Hello Sarah

Bristol is too far for me to travel for a day but good luck to you. Sounds like it’s going to be a great day.

I hope you mum is back to full health now.

It’s a shame you didn’t set up a link on the just giving website, would have been happy to contribute a few pennies.


Hi Blossom :slight_smile:

I do have a just giving page. Here is the link. To be honest, I have not been pushing for sponsors probably as much as I should have because all my efforts right now have been focused on organsing. I will get round to it :slight_smile:

Also here it the link for anyone who wants to check out my facebook event page.

Hope they work.

Done Sarah and shared on my twitter and Facebook page.

Hope the sun shines!

Noreen xx

Oh my gosh. Thank you soooo much Noreen. What a sweetheart :slight_smile: It is a shame you do not live locally. It would be lovely to meet you <3 x

If you’re ever in Bridlington Sarah, then look me up.


Hi guys and gals

Just to give an update. I now have over 120 walkers with many people coming along to enjoy the day. There are over 40 raffle prizes with more promised. I also have a tombola, silent auction (with 5 larger prizes), cake/savoury stall, face painting and our feathered freinds will be coming. There is still time to sign up to help support people with MS. Bristol and Avon MS centre are heavily involved in trying to find new treatments for MS patients. If you are on FB and want to check out the list of prizes please look for the event Sponsored walk for Bristol and Avon Multiple Sclerosis Centre (BrAMS) - Part II. If you live locally and fancy a fun day out, please get in touch. It really will be a fun day.

Thanks :slight_smile: x

Thats awesome! Well done, I really home you do well! Good luch :slight_smile:

Hey if anyone is interested I seen this offer for free charity donations click here:

Pretty good x

Hi Sarah

Have spread the word around the office where I work here in Bristol, and will do so on FB later (if my brain remembers).


Thank you Theresa. Do you use BrAMS? x

No, I don’t. I’m still in the diagnosis phase with my Neurologist, Sabine Klepsch, at Southmead.

Hi there. We have just over 3 weeks to go until the sponsored walk. There are around 140 people signed up to take part now with over 50 people coming along just to enjoy the day. I have between 60-70 amazing raffle prizes, over 40 tombola prizes and several silent auction prizes. Along with this, there will be the BBQ, face painting, cake and savory stall and the display from North Somerset Bird of Prey centre. If you wanted to join in with the walk, please contact me for a sponsor form. There is no mimimm amount to raise. Sashes and water will be provided. If 4.5 miles is too far there are large chunks of the walk that can be missed. We have a few wheelchair users joining in. If you are free on Sunday 19th July, but do not want to take part in the walk, why not pop along to enjoy the BBQ and buy a raffle ticket or 2. With the number of prizes available, there is a good chance you could go home with a fab prize.

If you would like further details, please get in touch :slight_smile: xx

Hi Sarahboi, do you have anymore information about the walk, I might come along.

Also I moved to Bristol not long ago and it would be nice to talk to other MSers.

I go to BrAMS too. I’d love to buy some raffle tickets if it’s not too late.

I can’t do the walk but I can do a little donation or two. I love buying raffle tickets as a donation becasue I don’t expect to win anything. It’s a nice surprise if you do win something though

Hi there Tammoa

The event day is this Sunday. There will be a sponsored walk in Portishead with around 150 walkers. At the venue there is a BBQ, HUGE raffle, tombola, silent auction, cake/savoury stall, face painting, quizzes, balloons and a display from the North Somerset Bird of Prey centre. There are a large number of people who are coming along to enjoy the day and everyone is welcome. If you would like to come along and take part in the walk, the doors open at Clarence House at noon. The walk will start at 1:30 but there will be a fun 15 min warm up before the walk starts. You are welcome to come along to support the day and the centre. If you would like more information, please let me know x

Hiya Ellen. You are more than welcome to buy some raffle tickets. I have over amazing prizes. Are you interested in coming on the day (I know you are unable to do the walk) or did you want me to send some to you?

Let me know :slight_smile: x