Spinal Cord MRI results .. ( this may be one for Rizzo .. again !)

Hello :slight_smile:

I received a letter from my Neuro today stating …

The MRI of the cervical spine does show ill-defined patchy signal changes in the spinal cord opposite C2/C3 C3/C4 and C5/C6 levels.

Mri of the thoracic spine does show faint signal change opposite T10-/T11.

He also notes that I have bilateral delay of the visual evoked responses which I’m guessing means both eyes are affected ?

My question is regarding the Mri, are signal changes lesions or ? And where abouts in the spine is he referring to as I am wondering if this is connected to the pain/burning sensation I experience in my neck as it almost feels as if it originates from the base of my skull.

Any interpretation will be gratefully received.


Ness x

Hi Ness,

Before Karen answers you I thought you would like to see a map of the spine. Map of Spinal Column


“Signal change” means that the area is a different shade of gray than expected. This typically means there is a lesion (i.e. an area of damage) there, but there are other possible explanations (e.g. scanners aren’t perfect and some things can interfere with the images) so nothing is ever 100% certain. It does sound very much like your spinal cord has been in a battle with something though

The link that George posted shows you where the damage is - and why your neck hurts

Yes, bilateral delayed VEPs means both eyes are affected. (Delayed responses are common in MS.)


Karen x

Thanks for the link George, I’d been searching for something like that all afternoon !

And as always, thanks again Karen, I really appreciate your input.

Ness x

Hi Ness, as both your eyes are affected and your spinal cord your neuro may suggest Neuromyelitis Optica. There is a blood test that can help diagnose it.

Jacqui x