Special MRI?

Not yet diagnosed. I was told my MRI was clear, apart from the markers for TED (thyroid eye disease) which is already diagnosed. However, I’ve read that MRIs don’t always show early MS, especially if they are ordered to look for something else (in my case possible stroke). Does anyone know if it’s important to have an MRI with contrast in order to properly diagnose MS?

The contrast will differentiate between new and old lesions, but I don’t know if it makes the original MRI more clear or not. I think a lot depends on how strong the machine is and how good the person reading the results.

I do know that my MRI’s found nothing for years, in spite of consistent symptoms, and then one day they not only showed lesions but old ones. It took a very long time to get a diagnosis.

Thank you, that is very helpful. My symptoms are mild (numbness in both feet, tingling and occasional numbness in fingers, unexplained falls, fatigue and brain fog. But I had a similar episode in 2015 that was never really explained, then nothing in between. Oozing back, I realise I also possibly had an episode 10 years ago or so, when I had an unexplained fall, plus brief loss of urinary and bowel continence and confusion, but it was so brief I never reported it to doc, putting it down to a virus or stress.

they usually use enhancing later in diagnosis to ascertain whethere a lesion is old or new or well gone, as some do.

Its usual to have an MRI of the brain, then perhaps later one of full spine. Its a very long process of being diagnosed. If your brain MRI was clear and you do not improve i would think the next step would be spinal or just WAIT and SEE.

Your symptoms are very non specific. Could be long to other things even diabetes.

I am assuming you have an appointment with neurologist so perhaps try and relax a bit until you see them. xxxx

Thanks. Definitely not diabetes, which was my first thought.