Spasticity. A new relapse?

A new, never seen before symptom has occurred… On Saturday evening the skin on my right leg felt sore to touch and since then the whole, front & back feel heavy and stiff. I presume this is a new relapse which is not good as I’ve been on 2 different DMDs for the last 18 months. First Tecfidera and now Aubagio. My last blood tests, last month, still had my lymphocyte levels below 1 which I thought was supposed to help, but obviously Aubagio isn’t working for me. I called my ms nurse yesterday but waiting for her to call me back. Has anyone had a spastacity relapse before or is my ms developing/progressing? I’ve been diagnosed 12 years and have been lucky to have very few relapses, just pins and needles and restless legs with the odd ice pick head pain over the years. Thanks Sharon x

I get spasticity very often, especially the last 18 months, and I feel that my symptoms have become more regular, yet my neuro still has me down as R & R, and does not think I’m relapsing.

My most recent MRI does not indicate any new lesions, and the original ones (3) do not show any change since being diagnosed, (4 years ), but like I say things like spasticity, heavy legs, poor balance and walking distance have all become worse in the last 18 months.

Personally I think I have had relapses but perhaps because I have’nt relayed the information correctly to my MS clinic at that time, or maybe my “new” symptoms are not what they would class as a relapse ?

However my GP is convinced I’ve had relapses over the 4 years .

In fact just yesterday she told me to question the clinic on how they are judging my condition, which I have done by ringing them, so I’m waiting for them to reply !

I wont hold my breath though waiting !!!

Hi Sharon

Apparently having low lymphocytes is supposed to mean relapses are less likely. The theory is that while your lymphocytes are down, your immune system is also depressed and so you won’t get a relapse because your immune cells aren’t reacting in the same way. This is how my neuro explained it to me when Tecfidera gave me low lymphocytes. He reckoned that having lowered lymphocytes is in itself a protection against relapses.

So, if that theory is right, then it’s not a relapse.

Have a look at There’s a separate link in there about spasticity triggers.