Spasms ?


Quick question, maybe a silly question, but I’ve only been diagnosed a little over a year so it’s all still quite new.

I’ve been getting this thing going on with my legs and to a lesser extent my arms , where all my muscles tense up , then relax ,tense up and relax, it goes on for some time.

Are these spasms ?

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hi june

diagnosed october 2008 but i still don’t know exactly what a spasm is.

we all describe it differently, experience it differently.

sometimes it’s as though i don’t speak the same language as other people with ms.

i gesticulate a lot and pull faces - not out of madness but because i used to work with small children who didn’t speak english and that is how we commnicated.

so i really hope that someone a bit more articulate comes along and explains spasms to you.

with a bit of luck i’ll read it myself and go “Oh, so that what it is”.

take care

carole x

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Hello June

This is a brilliant explanation of spasms and stiffness:

It explains so much better than anyone else could.


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Most of us have spasms to a lesser or greater degree, most of us explain them differently. The name my MS Nurse gave to my spasms was Tonic Spasm, which I didn’t see in the explanation given by the MS Trust website. Though being honest I speed read so could have missed it.

Speak to your Nurse she may be able to help with meds to control your spasms.

Jan x

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