Spare a penny guv

good day folks, as we struggle through our daily lives with all our problems, there comes along a item that breaks our hearts, that there is others worse off than I, this morning, at breakfast, such an news item appeared before my eyes that suddenly leaked a tear or two, the High Pay Centre reported that bosses of FTSE 100 wages had fallen 17% in the past year, the average pay was £4.5m, down from £5.4m in 2015, the report went on further saying it was “limited and very late” and the average U.K. full time worker on £28,000 had to work a mere 160 years to earn such money-this presumably never including bonuses or 40 hours overtime a week-one director even had the cheek to take a £22m pay cut in 2016, whilst one had his wages cut by a 1/3, that’s right, a third, to £14.6m, I ask you, how can you eat you food bank handouts, or sleep in a freezing cold rat infested bed sit knowing that some will need a begging bowl on the streets of Kensington or Canary Wharf, the holiday to the sunshine will be curtailed to just a fortnight, that the foie gras on toast, or the caviar, will be just at the weekend, so I repeat, can you spare a penny guv, Brian


There was a recent, harrowing case of a chap called George…can’t remember his last name. To keep the wolf from the door, and to feed his starving family, the poor blighter had to take on six jobs.

He edits the Evening Standard, is the chairman of Northern Powerhouse, makes speeches for both the McCain Institute and the Washington Speaker Bureau, works for Blackrock and is honorary Professor of Economics at Manchester University.

To help him out further, I offered him a job as my carer but he was too busy. I did my best to help; what more could I do?



Hiya Alun, are you the trying to break the camel’s back, the question is, did he get enough money, Brian

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Alun. The question is, did you offer him enough money? Carers don’t get paid very much.

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Poor old Georgie, is probably way too busy planning how he might possibly manage on his pension when he is burnt out from all that hard work bless his little cottons… Bitter Moi?


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I believe I offered him the Living Wage. Hang on, wasn’t that introduced by a former Chancellor, also called George……Could they be one and the same? It’s a job for the Evening Standard investigation team. We must be told.

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The disparity between really high earners and those on “minimum wage” or even less REALLY makes me mad. I earn way less than the average but i’m managing fine. I think wages of several million are actually obscene. Also transfer fees for footballers - TWO HUNDRED million for the latest one and wages of hundreds of thousands per week. I really just don’t get it when there are people who have next to nothing!! Makes me want to cry. We are supposed to live in a civilised, caring society but that is just not reality.

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Don’t get me started. It’s enough to throw some of my hard earned benefits at them A pound coin in the eye should suffice.

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You have spare pound coins??? You benefit scrounger!

(Obviously, this is not serious)

If you ask me, ATOS are the benefit scroungers, but hey, who listens to an old leftie like me?

Obscene, that some earn millions whilst others have to use food banks.

Jo x

You take no notice George, i think you deserve every penny, what a bitter and twisted lot these people are. P.S would you consider me for any future vacancy at the Evening standard,i don’t need much money maybe just 5% of your own earnings. i may stugle being a reporter though due to my spelling,i always struggle when i try to spell CON Con Con Conservative, i sould remember there is always a Con in Conservative. Mark