south london?.

anyone out ther from south london?.

Hi Dennis… no love… up here in north London.

Pat x

I hear the weather is colder the further north you go . is that right?.


Te he he Dennis… I hear you guys in south London all marry your cousins. Is that right?

Pat x

I was born in North London x


Really made me chuckle Pat! Im originally East now Essex, (shut upp!)

Essex? Oooh go on Stevie… tell me you’re a scrap metal dealer living in a chalet in Jaywick!

Pat x

(just pulling your leg Stevie… often go into Essex for a weekend and think it’s a very under-valued county… very pretty and lovely coast and friendly people… although Jaywick is just a tad scary…)

Met my wife at Jaywick 30 years ago, went back recently and agree, was scary!

Live in Chigwell now x