Sore ankle

Ok, I am very recently diagnosed so this may be a stupid question. I woke up this morning with a really sore ankle, feels like I’ve sprained it! Is this ms related? Or am I just being paranoid?! Has anyone else experienced this? If so us there anything I can do to ease the discomfort?

Could be…could be that you have genuinely sprained it. Go to your GP and check, would be my advice. I get sore heels when I get up in the morning took about 6 months to work out whether it was MS related…my GP has often reminded me not to blame the MS for every thing. Best to speak to the professionals Good Luck x

Very sensible advice to never assume that something is because of MS. (Wrongly assuming things are is a leading cause of death in MSers!)

It does sound like it might be MS though, if you didn’t do anything different in the days before. I once woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I’d broken my wrist. The minor injuries unit diagnosed tendonitis and told me it would take at least 12 weeks to get better. But it lasted only a few days - clear evidence that it had been my MS all along! It can be very hard to tell sometimes.

Probably best to get the advice of a GP or nurse - they can manipulate it to see if there is a skeletomuscular cause.

Karen x

Thanks so much for the advice. X