So confused!

I was diagnosed with cfs/me years ago but now I’ve seen a different gp he’s convinced it’s ms… I had a clear mri scan but have to wait until March to see a neurologist

Hi Wilson,

Welcome. There’s lovely people on this forum to help support you.

How are you feeling about this turn of events? Are you ok?

It’s always good when the medics want to ask more questions and ensure they have investigated all possibilities. I’d say just go with it and see what happens. It seems your Gp clearly cares and wants the best for you. It doesn’t mean they’ll find anything more than what you already know, but at least they want to check everything’s ok. That’s great.

Please don’t let what the GP has said leave you feeling like it’s a done deal. GP’s are not neurologists!! Wait for the neuro to tell you what’s what ultimately. If you can afford it I would certainly advocate a private appointment with an MS specialist. Peace of mind is worth its weight in gold!!