Site reactions - can anyone offer any advice please?

Hello all, I have recently started using Rebismart and I have bruises, red marks, stinging and lumps at every ‘site’ that I inject in! Also finding that I have itchy skin in these places that are also hot to touch! Please can anyone offer any solution to this from experience? xx

Hi Rag Doll, I am in Copaxone and I take allergy tablets dàily. I know it’s not the same as your medication but it might be worth giving them a try. Good luck. Debs xx

It may be a good idea to let your ms nurse have a look at your site reactions to see if she can help advise you.

I don’t use the rebismart - i manually inject so can’t help you with that but i have read that changing the needle depth can help with site reactions.

Have you tried a cold or warm compress on the area before and after the injection?

Iv’e been on rebif over 8 years and still get site reactions but they are not hot or stingy any more. Your skin may get used to ‘the abuse’ in time but if your reactions are severe then help is needed from the nurse.

If reactions are severe they might change you to a new oral dmd if this is not managable.

Best wishes


Hi Debs. Thank you. How would I go about that? x Thank you Teresa. I use the compress every time I inject which definitely takes away some of the initial stinging but the patches I am left with are unsightly and uncomfortable and are about the size of two 50p pieces! Hard to know what is normal as I’ve only bn injecting for 4 weeks, very new to all this. x

Hi rag doll, For reassurance what you describe is totally normal. I think mine are especially prominent because I’m so pale! :wink:

Phew - thank you starlingslipstream