Siponimod experience

Hello, I’ve been offered this treatment as long as I pass the various tests . I’m a bit worried about possible side effects ad I have never had any treatment and would be grateful for anybody who is on this to share their experience.

Hi. I’ve been on it for about three months. I haven’t had any side effects at all. People ask me if I feel any better it’s not supposed to make you feel any better it’s supposed to slow the progression down. The first day of taking the medication a nurse has to be with you to check your heart rate and blood pressure. You also have blood tests taken regularly. I think any medication that is offered to people that have ppms you have to give it ago. Best of luck x

Thank you

Hi Ive been on siponimod now for about 3 months as well and Ive had no problems either, blood pressure went up then down to start with but all ok and leveled out again (I had no on with me but think you are meant to - just my area cutting costs)