Signal Changes! Help!

Can anyone help me understand my mri results please! What are demarcated hyperintense signal changes… I apparently have quite a few along with lesions Thank you!

Hi Whikesy,

I thought they were radiology-speak for the same thing! Demarcated just means they have clearly defined edges, and hyperintense signal changes just means - well, they’re bright!

Does your report definitely mention these AND lesions, as if they were separate things? Or did you already know you had some lesions, and a new MRI is reporting “demarcated hyperintense blah blah”?

A radiology report (from what I can recall) doesn’t usually refer directly to lesions, but instead talks about features of the image, which it is then up to the neurologist to interpret (e.g. as lesions, a stroke, something else). Occasionally, the report does say something like: “Suggestive of demyelination”, but they don’t diagnose - just report what they see. I’m not sure if they have seen two different types of thing in your case, or just the one.


Hi Anitra

Thank you for your response. My report definitely says several areas of demarcated hyperintense signal changes aswell as lesions…although my consultant isnt great!! So it is quite possible they are all lesions! Im waiting to see my gp, who actually knows what she is talking about lol

whilesy X